Prof. Dr. Ivan Kisel

Research Area: Computer Sciences and AI Systems
Focuses: High Performance Computing, Nuclear Physics

Research Group


Office: 2|10 (GSC)
Phone: +49 69 798 44102


Prof. Dr. Ivan Kisel, born in 1959 in Mutin, Ukraine, studied physics in Moscow, obtained his PhD at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) and habilitated at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. His interests include high energy physics and heavy ion collisions at major international accelerator centers. He is actively involved in CBM (FAIR, Darmstadt), ALICE (CERN, Geneva) and STAR (RHIC, Brookhaven) experiments. His specialization is the reconstruction of collision topology in real-time, including the search for trajectories of particles in detectors as well as decays of short-lived particles. Under his leadership fast and efficient algorithms for modern multi-core supercomputers with graphic cards are developed based on cellular automata and neural networks.  



2012 - today Fellow