Computer Sciences and AI Systems - Overview

Energy Sufficient High Performance Computers

The Computer Science groups at FIAS are interested in High Performance Computing and how to further advance the architecture, the applications and the continued development of high performance computers useful to the natural and life sciences.

Our focus is on the selection and analysis of experimental data generated by accelerator facilities such as the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung (Darmstadt, Germany) and CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland). Both of these facilities employ shared, typically massive parallel systems and clusters operating under high-level,  real-time and dependability standards. Our task is the research and development of new computer architectures and algorithms to achieve better energy-efficiency. Within the context of shared computing we implement both GRID and virtual technologies as well as cloud computing systems.

Our research focuses on:

  • Developing the most energy efficient high performance data centers.
  • Development of efficient algorithms to support high effective hardware.
  • Data analysis at big experimental setups. 

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