Arbeitsgruppe Immunsystem – maligne Lymphome

The group of Martin-Leo Hansmann is working more than 30 years in the field of the immune system, lymph nodes and malignant lymphomas. In addition to morphological and immunohistochemical investigations,in 1990 we developed a technology, that enabled us to perform a PCR and sequencing of single cells picked from histological sections (single cell PCR). Applying this approach, we could prove Hodgkin cells, as clonal germinal centre cells derived from B cells showing so-called crippeld mutations . In the following years we could provide numerous new findings, using this single cell technology, in a normal B cell development as well as in malignant lymphomas. In addition to molecular investigations, in the last years we developed 3-D and 4D laser visualisations of cells, in histological sections, in time and space.
hese strategies enabled to measure speeds and tracs of B and T cells including contact times and dynamic interactions. The first analysis of human malignant lymphomas in time in space, provided data of different properties of lymphocytes concerning motility and the impact of contact times. The application of machine learning lead to new definitions of cells, combining morphological findings and speeds at different time points. The combination of 3-D and 4D technologies in lymph nodes should lead to so called „digital twins“ of lymph nodes and models of malignant lymphomas. New lymph-node diagnostics as well as cell therapies may become possible by these procedures.

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Imune cells in space and time
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