Kai Zhou

Named as Deepthinkers, we are a research group focusing on interdisciplinary research of artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine- and deep learning application in science (physics and beyond) and industrial problems. We are particularly interested in a broad variety of topics related to deep learning and also high-energy/many-body physics. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning aiming at understanding (big-)data with high-level of abstraction and is effective in tackling complex non-linear systems with correlations might going beyond conventional techniques' exploration.

The defeat of the Go human world champion by the deep learning trained computer program AlphaGo developed by Google DeepMind in 2016 have brought out this novel technology to a broader audience, especially due to the fact that winning human in the chess game of Go was considered nearly impossible with conventional artificial intelligence methods.

Nowdays it is facillitating more and more applications in different areas including scientific research. Therein physics on the other hand has its special role in bringing intuitions and physical guidance into deep learning itself. In fact many developments of deep learning algorithms have close connection to problems in statistical and quantum physics. Due to background in (high-energy) physics of most of our group members in Deepthinkers, besides general broad interests for AI application in science and industry, we also have special zeal in combining AI with physics for a better mutual understanding of each other.

Typical projects of our group include applying deep learning in heavy-ion collisions, lattice quantum field theory, seismology and renewable energy/power systems.

Fellow Detail

Research and Teaching



Doctoral Students:

  • Mingjun Xiang
  • Shuai Han
  • Yu Sha
  • Shriya Soma
  • Omar EI Sayed (co-advise with Alex Kies) 
  • Manjunath O.K (co-advise with Jan Steinheimer)  

    Master Students

    • Johannes Faber (co-advise with Nishtha Srivastava)

    Visiting Scholars:

    • Oleg Savchuk  

    Former Members:

    • Dr. Kirill Taradiy
    • Dr. Nishtha Srivastava (now P.I. of SAI group)
    • Dr. Lijia Jiang (now Professor of Northwest University)
    • Dr. Yilun Du
    • Yannick Moell


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