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Our group is involved in a variety of research topics with a focus on the novel architecture and programming paradigm for modular supercomputing. This includes the communication networks for optimized interaction and scheduling of disaggregated resources such as CPU and GPU clusters, but also the integration of future non-von-Neumann architectures, especially quantum computers, as modular compute resources for performing hybrid quantum-HPC-calculations, as well as design concepts for modular datacenters.

Joint project EUPEX: European Pilot for Exascale

The EuroHPC EUPEX consortium will design and build the first High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform integrating European general-purpose processor technology (EPI), interconnect technology (BXI) and a software stack for HPC based on a modular supercomputing architecture (MSA). The Modular Supercomputing and Quantum Computing group will contribute to the key technologies here. In particular, we will evaluate direct communication methods for distributed accelerator technologies and adapt them for the new pre-exascale evaluation platform EUPEX. Furthermore, we will contribute to the optimization of the high-performance storage tier by extending existing I/O libraries such as SIONlib by integrating novel high-performance storage technologies such as NVMe and porting them to the new platform. We will also look at the aspect of I/O load balancing in parallel file systems for application and metadata and introduce suitable optimization approaches.

Prospects for the EU road to exascale by 2024