Senior Fellow

Prof. Dr. Igor Mishustin

Research Area: Theoretical Physics
Focuses: Astrophysics, Cancer Research, Nuclear Physics

Research Group


Office: 2|201 (FIAS)
Phone: +49 69 798 47504


Prof. Dr. Igor Mishustin

Theoretical Physics

I like FIAS for the creative atmosphere, easy-going collaborations between the groups, remarkable working conditions and interdisciplinarity of research.


Igor Mishustin studied theoretical physics and astrophysics at the Moscow State University. He obtained his PhD and then the Doctor of Sciences degree (habilitation) at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. In 80-s and 90-s he worked at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, first as visiting scientist and later as Carlsberg professor. During 1999-2003 he made several long-term visits to the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe University, as Humboldt awardee and DAAD professor. In 2004 he joined the newly-established Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies where he conducts research in theoretical subatomic physics and astrophysics. His main interests are focused on studying new phases of strongly interacting matter in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and compact stars. In recent years he is interested in applications of ion beams for cancer therapy. Over the years he was lecturing graduate and post-graduate courses as well as supervising Diploma and PhD students at several Universities.

Bibliometric data in Google data base on 16.01.2018:
Number of publications 11104, h=53



2008 - today Senior Fellow

2004-2008 Fellow

Prizes and Awards 

  • Humboldt Award (1999)
  • Kurchatov Prize, National Research Center "KurchatovInstitute", Russia (2012)
  • Outstanding Referee Award, American Physical Socity, USA (2016)
  • Expert of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia (2016)