Adjunct Fellow

Alexander Kies

Alexander Kies

Research Area: Theoretical Sciences
Focuses: Energy, Machine Learning


Office: 3|403 (FIAS)
Phone: +49 69 798 47698


Alexander Kies, born 1986 in Bremen, heads the research group FIAS Renewable Energy Systems and Artificial Intelligence (FRESNA). He obtained his B.Sc. (2007-2010) and M.Sc Physics (2010-2012) at the University of Bremen with a focus on theoretical semiconductor physics. Afterwards, he obtained his PhD in physics at the University of Oldenburg with a cumulative thesis on energy system analysis. He has been employed at the FIAS since 2016 and performs research on energy system modelling, energy markets and artificial intelligence. Alexander Kies joined FIAS as a Research Fellow in September 2020 and is an Adjunct Fellow since 2022.