ERASMUS - What is it and how to apply

ERASMUS is the European Commission's exchange program that enables students in 33 European countries to study, work or teach for part of their degree in another country. ERASMUS is a great opportunity to study in another European country between 3 and 12 months, and have it count towards your degree.

Goethe University Frankfurt has ERASMUS exchange agreements with over 270 universities across Europe. The ERASMUS program is open to undergraduates and postgraduates. If you're interested in studying somewhere else in Europe you will first need to check which institutions your department has cooperations with. The list of partners in physics can be found here. ERASMUS is open to the majority of disciplines, but opportunities will depend on the agreements your department has made and what degree program you are on.

What does ERASMUS offer?

  • Tuition fee waiver at the host institution
  • A mobility grant, monthly sum varies depending on host country (students with special needs may apply for a specific grant after they have been selected)
  • Transfer of credits earned at the host institution as approved by the student, the home and the host institution prior to departure towards degree at home institution (“learning agreement”)

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Full-time regular students of Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Students must have successfully completed their first year of studies at GU when study abroad period begins
  • Students with good academic standing and proficiency of language of instruction at host university
  • Students may participate once in the ERASMUS program during each study cycle for 12 months maximum (i.e. once during BA and once during MA and once during doctoral studies at GU), 36 months in total.

Application deadline is 1st of February for a study abroad period during the following academic year (fall and/or spring term). Applications are to be handed in at the home department. 

The application form at the IO will be made available in Mid-November, approx. 2,5 months before the application deadline.

For further (and legally binding) information please check the 

ERASMUS page of the IO.

How to apply and what I need from you

To apply for the participation in the ERASMUS program, please hand in the following documents (from 2.2.2019 on):

  • CV (1 page)
  • Motivation letter (1 page)
  • Language certificate for the level B1.
    (The following language certificates are needed for the different countries: Spain: spanish; France: french; Italy: italian; Norway: norwegian or english; Sweden: swedish or english.)
  • Transcript of records from the Prüfungsamt (Bescheinigung über die erbrachten Studienleistungen)
  • To apply you must have passed at least 3 modules with grades better than 3,0.
  • The filled out and signed form of your application at the webpage of the IO
  • The main decision criterion is your grade average.

All documents have to be sent by real mail (printed out, not stapled) to the following address:

Prof. Dr. Marcus Bleicher

ERASMUS Koordinator Physik

Dekanat FB Physik


Max-von-Laue-Str. 1

60438 Frankfurt am Main


Your application has to be received before the deadline!